Free Community Group

Join our free Facebook Community Group.  

Provides an opportunity to have access to other parents, caregivers and therapists. Allows parents & caregivers to come together whether discussing issues, sharing resources, or celebrating wins. 


Parent Hub’s Etsy Shop

Visit our Etsy shop where we have a few of our popular Hub originals in digital form such as our Foster Parent Supervision Planner, our Family Crisis Plan worksheet, and other foster placement templates that foster & kinship placements find helpful. 


Book Study Group

We are currently recruiting for a new cohort to begin! 

Join us for our 10-session virtual Caregiver Group


Each session participants can expect:

  • Consist of weekly teaching, activities, and guided discussions based upon concepts from the book Beyond Behaviors by Mona Delahooke
  • We encourage but do not require reading the chapter each week.  For those unable to read, the group facilitator will provide a detailed summary eachw eek
  • Meets online for 10 sessions, 1.5 hours each time.

Cost is $20/session/per couple or individual or $200 total.  (Hub members 15/session)

Available options:

  • Wednesday (lunchtime) 12-1:30 central

Mindfulness Series

We are currently recruiting for a new cohort to begin! 

Join us for our 6-week Virtual Child & Caregiver Mindfulness Series!


Each week participants can expect:

  • Virtual group session with caregiver & child which includes interactive and engaging mindfulness activities that you would be able to do together
  • An activity or intervention to encourage healthy ways of coping with anxiety, depression, and dysregulation throughout the week

Cost is $20/week or $120 for all 6 weeks.  (Hub Members: 15/week)

Available options:

  • Option 1: Monday afternoons at 4:30pm central (recruiting now)

Adoption Connection

We are currently recruiting for a new cohort to begin! 

Join us for our virtual support for adoptive parents!

Each month participants can expect:

  • Virtual Gathering
  • Discussion topic
  • Led by a TAC therapist (a therapist who has completed 72-hour evidence-based program to be adoption competent) 

Cost is $50/month (Hub Members: 35/month), paid in 6-month increments.