Creating enjoyable relationships and

healthy home environment is attainable


We are an online resource that provides inspiration, competence, and support for building happy and healthy families.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are looking for explanations or reasons for your child’s difficult behavior
  • As the only parent in your peer group, you often feel isolated
  • You’ve spent countless hours trying to find resources or learn how to become more engaged with your children; you do not feel as attached to your children as you would like to be, looking for new ideas on how to form a deeper connection with them
  • You need help understanding or managing your child’s mental health diagnosis, family challenges, or the day to day struggles in your household.
  • You’re exhausted with trying to balance parenting and other responsiblities
  • As a parent, you struggle with your own emotions.   You feel overwhelmed, anxious and unsure of how to reduce your stress;  you want to feel more enjoyment in your daily life
  • You are a new parent and don’t know where to start; what you do know is that you want to feel connected to others
  • As a foster parent or kinship guardian raising a child who’s had a traumatic background you’re looking for support and resources

If any of this sounds familiar, then you already know the importance of having the support.  The Hub is your online resource for support and encouragement in your parenting journey.  Our goal, our passion, is to elevate the family experience.  We’re here to support you on your parenting journey. We also welcome clinicians and professionals who work with children and their families. 

Are you ready for a change in your family?

Why Join? As a member of the Parent Hub, you will:


  • Have opportunities to participate in online Question & Answer where members can ask questions or bring up situations with which they are struggling
  • Receive personal guidance in working towards a healthy home enviornment and forming healthy attachments with your children
  • Gain access to developmentally appropriate resources, game ideas, and book suggestions
  • Have the opportunity to gain more in depth kowledge about various parenting topics through our growing course library
  • Obtain discounted parent coaching
  • Tap into the knowledge and experiences of therapists and other parents throughout the community

… and so much more.

Summary of Features

Here’s what to look forward to!

Helpful Community

Suggestions, insights, advice, and support from the community.

Essential Resources

Gain access to our library of helpful tools such as lists of children’s books & games as well as parenting resources, templates, and other resources to help your family

Parenting Success Path

Set personal family goals as we help you in your parenting journey


Courses provide training for parents & guardians

Live Support

Interactive Question & Answer calls designed to personalize the Hub experience and provide support to parents & guardians in their current struggles or challenges

Are you ready for parenting support?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get one on one support with my family's challenges?

Not only can you ask questions and get support or feedback in our community forums, you’ll also have access to our Question & Answer forum where families can submit questions or
requests for support. The Hub also has discounted group and private parent coaching that allows families to receive personal feedback. This alone is worth the cost of the membership!

Will you be adding new content or is everything already loaded?

The Hub is continuously updated with new information added regularly. We will also take suggestions from current members for upcoming training and resources. As information and
content is added to the membership site, Hub members will have access at no additional cost.

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

No – we are entirely online. You can access our information from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  You will not get snail-mail sent to your home or work address when you register.

Why should I join? Can't I just obtain parenting advice through Google and Pinterest?

In today’s world of technology, it’s easy to find and share information online. While similar sites are great resources, our members will have access to our courses, Question & Answer calls
and forums, and coaching or consultation. Additionally, once members are within the Hub community, they enjoy the ability to connect with professionals and other parents who have
similar experiences, whether that’s by participating in the forums or the monthly contests.  Members find it helpful to be around others who can act as a sounding board; they also like
having professionals available should the need for additional support arise.

Can I access the content released at the Hub during my membership once I cancel?

Entrance into the members’ area and access to the Hub content are available only for the duration of your membership. If you cancel or choose not to renew your membership, you lose
access to the content in the Hub.

This website seems advanced. We don't have alot of major issues. Would the Hub be right for me?

Absolutely. The Hub covers material and resources for various stages of parenting. In fact, now is the perfect time for you to join because in addition to gaining access to our resources, you’ll also be able to get support and insights from within the community to help you through this stage of your parenting journey. Even if your family doesn’t have specific issues, engaging in dialogue with and learning from others within the community is a valuable resource. Having the support of others can build resilience in families.

Do I have to post in the forums? I'm scared I will be judged or not supported.

You’re not required to post if you prefer not to. It’s normal to feel hesitant about posting your questions, personal struggles, or your family’s challenges online. It’s a big deal to be vulnerable,
and we don’t want to break the trust that families put in our community.  We encourage members to ping our moderators if they have any concerns. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and non-
judgmental community. We do this by moderating Hub posts to ensure that responses are respectful.  We encourage all families to have empathy, sensitivity, and be encouraging towards each other.

Can you tell me more about privacy?

The Hub is a password protected membership site, which means content inside the Hub is not accessible to nonmembers. Only members who are logged in can access discussions in the
forum. We ask Hub families to respect the confidentiality and privacy of others who post, and avoid copying or sharing content posted by others without being given permission.

Does the Hub replace therapy or counseling?

No, it does not. While Hub members may feel that the support they receive is therapeutic, our goal is simply to provide support and resources in a single location; it does not take the place of individual or family therapy/counseling. Although our administrators and moderators have a lot of experience and wisdom in many areas, and share a passion for helping and supporting families on their journey to being healthy and happy, the Hub encourages families to seek out in-person counseling or online therapy if they need intensive support. We will not be diagnosing, treating, or offering clinical recommendations.

Does it matter where I live?

Typically, for liability reasons, you’d need to work with professional counselors who are located in the same state (or country) in which you reside. However, with online support (remember, this isn’t therapy/counseling) that doesn’t apply. Families can join our community from anywhere in the world!  Members can log in 24/7 to access content or post in forums.


Are you ready to join the community?

“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”  Fredrick Douglass

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