ADHD & Executive Functioning

Pathways to Navigating ADHD & Executive Functioning

Back-to-school support for parents and caregivers.  5 week mini training for parents and caregivers support their children going from overwhelm and struggling to empowered and resilent. 

Parenting a child with ADHD and executive functioning challenges can be tough, but you’re not alone.  A comprehensive understanding of ADHD and executive functioning enables parents to make informed decisions and provide effective support. Don’t let ADHD and executive functioning challenges define your child’s journey. We hope to provide you with strategies to help your child excel academically and thrive emotionally. 

Does this sound familiar? 

Parents, Do You Struggle With:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your child’s academic challenges?
  • Battling with your child over completing homework assignments?
  • Trying to bring order to the chaos of disorganization?
  • Finding it difficult to help your child manage time effectively?
  • Dealing with inconsistent performance and unpredictable outcomes?
  • Witnessing your child’s social interactions and friendships suffer?
  • Supporting your child’s emotional regulation and mood swings?
  • Navigating transitions and routines that often lead to meltdowns?
  • Seeing your child’s self-esteem impacted by repeated struggles?
  • Experiencing parental stress and exhaustion from constant challenges?
  • Struggling to communicate effectively with teachers and school staff?
  • Feeling isolated without a strong network of support?
  • Balancing your child’s needs with work and other responsibilities?
  • Worrying about your child’s future success and well-being?

Parents, Do You Have Kids Who Struggle With:

  • Academic tasks due to focus and organizational difficulties?
  • Completing homework assignments causing daily conflicts?
  • Keeping track of belongings and staying organized?
  • Managing time effectively for school tasks and beyond?
  • Showing inconsistent performance that leaves you unsure?
  • Navigating social interactions and maintaining friendships?
  • Regulating emotions and coping with mood swings?
  • Managing transitions and routines, leading to stress?
  • Developing a healthy self-esteem despite challenges?
  • Impacting your well-being due to their struggles?
  • Receiving the right support from schools and educators?
  • Connecting with a supportive community who understands?
  • Balancing your child’s needs while managing other roles?
  • Pursuing a successful and fulfilling future despite obstacles?