Summer Routines

A Summer Routine to Help Kids Thrive!

Summer is a time to be outside, to go on adventures, and have lots of fun in the sun. Some kids thrive on the freedom that summer brings, but some kids simply do not.  For those kids, routines can help.  Keeping a routine for your kids during the summer can have many benefits. Consistency and structure are very good to help kids thrive. Structure and predictability can help teach children responsibility and self-control. The routine does not have to be incredibly detailed or specific but having structure from day to day can have benefits.

Having simple things in your kid’s daily routine for the summer is all they need to thrive. Things like consistent wake-up time and bedtimes will keep their body’s rhythm on track. It will also help bedtime run smoother and reduce the chances of kids being overtired. There are likely to be special circumstances throughout the summer where their allotted bedtime is pushed and in turn, they may get to sleep in a bit or take a nap that day
or the following one. However, maintaining a consistent time for both is beneficial to both kids and parents.

Another thing that can be added to their routine is regular meal and snack times. The busyness and fun of the summer can lead children to forget when to eat. Forgetting to eat can cause moody moments from the lack of food fuel and low blood sugar. Planning mealtimes can also allow for planning what to eat, including kids in this step can help them feel more in control.

How much are kids intentionally relaxing? Keeping downtime or alone time in the routine is just as important as scheduling activities. Allowing time for kids to choose what they want to do or choose to relax. Talking with your kiddos about what relaxation means and what they can do that they find relaxing. This can help reduce stress in your child’s life and make their days smoother and happier.

Assigning responsibilities and age-appropriate chores for your kiddos throughout the summer is important to their routine as well. This helps them feel like they are contributing to the family and helps build confidence and self-esteem. This teaches them responsibility and that they are capable to accomplish and complete things. Having this expectation in their routine helps decrease the fights that can ensue when chores are brought up.

One last idea, a fun thing that can be added to your summer routine is a special daily ritual. This is something that as a family you can pick or create. If a daily ritual is too much, add a weekly ritual that will have just as much of an impact. This can bring excitement and will be something your kiddos can look forward to throughout the summer. Keep their routine light and fun, don’t overschedule, and keep it simple.