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Since starting the process of creating a website and online community designed for parents and guardians we often hear others ask why. We found that when we were working with clients and offering parent coaching, there were some re-occurring themes and common challenges that many parents come across.

Here are a few things:

1. Education

There is no handbook for how to raise children. We observed, that many times people do not have a lot of time to attend various trainings or read the 300 page books.  And while parents & guardians want to increase their knowledge on a particular topic, they only have brief moments throughout their week to do so. Offering options online would enable parents & guardians to meet their desire to learn more in a way that is convenient to them.

2. Community and Support

We have noticed that many times, those who are raising children feel disconnected from others.  Their lives revolve around their children, preventing them from connecting with other adults and other parents.   How isolating!  Offering a space online where parents & guardians can connect with others and feel less isolated is vital to self care. Piggy backing on that, when we have the fellowship of others who are in a similar position than us, it allows for a sounding board and  healthy dialogue. At times, one might come across a difficult situation or need a resource – by having others to connect with it allows for not only support but the potential for several perspectives and ideas.

So, bottom line, we created this online community out of admiration for parents and guardians who are juggling a lot of responsibilities, we want our parents to feel empowered and supported.

Visit the Hub Handouts section for more resources and come share your experiences or get answers to your challenges within our community forums!


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