Moments of Connection

Top 10 small moments of connection throughout the day

The daily routine can become monotonous and days can pass by with little thought about our
interactions with others. Suddenly the days are flying by and its six months later being quarantined with the household. Are there any specific moments daily that are sticking out? Or are the days colliding together and feeling like one big Covid mush? How is this affecting the children?

9 meaningful minutes makes a difference!

There are small meaningful moments you can add in the day that will positively affect your children’s emotional health. All families need is nine minutes a day to make a positive impact on your children. When is the most impactful to have these small moments of connection?  The nine minutes are broken down into three different times: three minutes first thing in the morning, three minutes first thing when you or they arrive home in the afternoon, and lastly three minutes before falling asleep at night.

Suggestions for meaningful moments

A few suggestions for small moments of connection:

  • Wake them up gently, rub their backs
  • Writing a motivational quote or uplifting statement on your child’s bathroom mirror for when they are getting ready in the morning
  • Ask them about their dreams
  • Ask your google home or alexa for the “joke of the day”
  • Give them a hug or a few squeezes
  • Snuggle with them in bed for a few moments when waking up or falling aseep
  • Smile at them when first arriving/seeing them
  • Eye contact when you speak with them
  • Sit down with them to have a meal together, perhaps having “best of the day” or “what i’m thankful for today” conversations
  • Feed or groom pets together
  • Before bedtime walk together
  • Do something together such as reading a chapter of a book, coloring a picture together or doing a puzzle together


These are just some of the simple ways to connect with your children daily. Be creative, add more to this list of small moments with your children. Using this technique should improve your child’s emotional health.  Remember that as a caregiver YOU are your child’s anchor.  You are their stability. Be available to connect during these transition times each day.  Slow down, remember to give them your undivided attention, even if just for a few moments.


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