In-Home Vs. Daycare

Childcare for New Parents – Choosing Between In-Home Vs. Daycare


One of the hardest decisions you will have to make as a working parent is choosing the perfect childcare for your kid. In general, there are two different directions you can go in, in-home and daycare. Both are great in their own ways, and depending on your particular needs, one might be more favorable over the other. If you are new to this scene, or trying to have a good childcare plan in place before your little one arrives, here is a breakdown of both options so you can make a sound choice that benefits your family.


In-Home Option


In-home is a preferred childcare method, primarily due to its convenience and closer relationships with the caregiver. This is ideal for those parents who have tight schedules and want to keep their child free from tight regulations that can shape their character and growth. Other pros include:


  • Your child will have optimal comfort in a home environment
  • Closer bond with the caregiver
  • Much better provider and child ratio
  • More flexibility in scheduling


Notable Cons:


  • Less exposure to other kids, which can limit sociability development
  • No backup when the caregiver is sick
  • Might have less structure and planning involved in day to day activities
  • You will have a harder time pulling them out if need be due to that personal connection


Daycare Option


The other way you can go is daycare operated in a facility. This way is often structured similar to a school setting, with multiple rooms, teachers, age groups, and a curriculum that is followed. A daycare center is often chosen over an in-home due to its higher focus on childhood preparation and increased socialization. More pros include:


  • Dependable care all year around, despite if a care provider is sick
  • More education focused due to curriculums set in place
  • More exposure to other kids to foster relationships with
  • Learning to respect multiple levels of authority at an early age


Notable Cons


  • Less personable. You might not know every person who cares for your kid during the day.
  • Stricter with rules, regulations, such as drop of and pick up times.
  • More people around each day means higher risk of your kid getting sick more often.
  • Your child will not get much one-on-one time to practice skills at their own individual level and pace.


Take aways


Parenting is filled with moments that can be stressful, especially when it comes to who will be watching your child during the day so you can go back to work. It is not something that you should take lightly, and the decision should be made based on your family dynamic in mind to get the most value out of this experience. In the end, both in-home and daycare are excellent options, and picking one over the other is entirely up to you. As long as you take the proper time to find a respectable, high quality provider to watch your little one, they will be in great hands.


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