Do You Know these Popular Apps?

Technology Apps That Are Popular with Tweens and Teens

Did you know that just over 50% of tweens own a smartphone by age 11? Furthermore, 84% of teenagers own their own phone as well. With these statistics and the vast array of technology apps on the market, it is no wonder why so many tweens and teens are going app crazy. However, there are some technology apps that are more favored by these age groups than others. For some parenting insight, here are some of the popular apps that you are likely to see downloaded on your kid’s phone.


TikTok is an exponentially popular and addictive app that nearly every tween and teen has heard about. It was launched in 2016 and is a place where kids (and yes adults too), make fun and creative videos to share over the platform. From dancing, lip-syncing to cool effects, it is undoubtedly something that kids love to watch, admire, and mimic. Currently, there are over 800 million users who are active on this app, and it only continues to grow as more millennials discover it as well.


Snapchat has been around since 2011, and if you have a tween or teen, chances are they have it downloaded. This app allows people to send messages and videos to friends both publicly and privately. What makes this app so appealing is that once the message or video is sent, it disappears forever after the receiver views it. This is good for privacy concerns, but can also influence worry in parents because they will never know what their child is sending.  So just be mindful of that.


Instagram is about a decade old now, and still a popular app that tweens and teens use. This place allows people to upload pictures and short videos to their private or public account for others to like and comment on. Kids tend to like this because of the enhanced filtering and editing features and the ability to get their photos views globally and embark on social interaction.


Have you heard the term “VSCO Girl” floating around your home lately? If so, it is probably coming from the VSCO app. This is a place where kids, usually 13 and up, go to take or upload photos and edit them accordingly. They can then be shared on social media sites to gain exposure and interaction. In simple terms, it is much like Instagram, but VSCO is for people who enjoy photography as a hobby.

How many did you know? 

Technology apps are a great way to entertain, engage, and interact and express creativity. They are also excellent for learning, studying, and enriching your kid’s lives as well. But let’s be realistic, these apps can be addicting, and you may find your kid on a specific app for hours upon hours. Heck, you may even try them out yourself and discover how attractive these applications can be and get sucked in. There is no harm in anyone enjoying technology apps, but just make sure to find a healthy balance and break away often, so you or your kid don’t become app zombies.

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